RIPPLEBOX - 1st Edition - Water is Life


What is the RIPPLEBOX

The RIPPLEBOX is a wonderful gift for yourself or a loved one that contains over $100 worth of unique products from brands that give back to causes. This is a limited edition RIPPLEBOX so order yours today!

Why purchase a RIPPLEBOX

By purchasing a RIPPLEBOX, you are supporting brands that do good so that they can continue to help those in need around the world. 100% of profits from the RIPPLEBOX will fund social entrepreneurs.

How your purchase helps

Water is life! In dry areas people and wildlife are struggling to survive without available and clean water. All profits from the Water is Life RIPPLEBOX will fund water projects.

When does the RIPPLEBOX ship?

We ship quarterly (Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall). The Water for Life Edition will ship in April of 2017.


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