Bath Fizzy

Real Beauty for a Cause

Draw a hot bath, get in the tub, drop in the lavender scents fizzy, and RELAX! Real Beauty's Bath Fizzy are made without any chemical fragrances and pack a punch of colour and moisturizer. They are perfect for your little ones.

The Bath Fizzy consists out of natural ingredients such as Epsom Salt, Almond Oil and Lavender Essential Oil. These ingredients have numerous health benefits such as relaxing the nervous system, soothing back pain, moisturizing, speeding up new cell turnover, treating cold and congestion and drawing toxins from the body.

Real Beauty for a Cause is a skin care company that makes 100% natural, handmade products, packaged in recyclable and reusable jars. The company provides employment for the skillful women who make these products and donate a portion of the profits from each sale directly to a charity that supports women.

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Women all over the world are trying to gain economic independence and provide an income for themselves and their families. Real Beauty for a Cause help these women to achieve their goals as well as supporting a number of additional causes that empower women in various ways. 

Real Beauty for a cause support charities that empower women in impoverished regions across the world.


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