crowdRipple Gift Card Campaign


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Join the crowdRipple movement by getting your own gift card today! By buying a crowdRipple gift card you are investing in us and in our vision for a better world. Each gift card can be used to buy your favorite products on the Ripple Marketplace or you can choose to hold on to your gift card and be rewarded over time. Sounds interesting? Then keep on reading and watch our video!

Not like any other gift card
Most gift cards have fees attached to them when you don’t use them after a period of time. Or even worse: many expire! crowdRipple does the opposite and offers gift cards that truly give back. A crowdRipple gift card will reward you over time and it will never expire and it will never be worth less than when you bought it. It’s an investment that makes sense for you. And the world. 





So how does this work?

The longer you hold onto your gift card the more you will be rewarded. When you buy a gift card it's similar to giving a company a loan. We think you should be thanked for this! Our vision is to grow together and for all of us to reap the benefits as we change our world for the better! Want to find out more about our vision? Read about it here!

The gift card that gives back
We’re excited to announce that we have $100,000 in gift cards for sale this holiday season. Each gift card comes loaded with an extra 10%. So if you buy a $100 gift card you would get a $110 gift card. And on top of that, if you hold onto your gift card it will reward you over time.

crowdRipple supports social entrepreneurs who are focused on solving the world’s problems. If you buy a gift card we are able to grow as a company and at the same time help these social entrepreneurs. So it’s not just good for you, it’s good for everyone. That’s what we call a Ripple Effect! Together we can make the world a better place. By buying one of our gift cards you can become a part of this. Sounds good? Get on board and join the Ripple movement by getting a crowdRipple gift card today!



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