ACE 1 Cookstove

African Clean Energy

We present to you the ACE 1 Solar Biomass Cookstove, a multifunctional tool that combines smoke-free cooking with access to energy for mobile devices and LED lightning. The ACE 1 Cookstove burns a variety of biomass fuels cleanly. It makes use of a high tech solar panel and battery combination to guarantee you are never left without power. So you’re sure you can use your ACE 1 anywhere and at any time. Compared to open fires the ACE 1 Cookstove saves around 70% of your fuel.

Product details:

  • LED light
  • Solar Panel
  • Wall charger
  • USB and DC ports
  • Available in 7 different colors

Open fire cooking is one of the world biggest killers and causes huge reliance on inefficient fuel from unreliable sources. African Clean Energy have designed a solar charged cooker that provides a clean alternative to open fires for communities living in poverty.

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By providing an alternative energy source, African Clean Energy are improving the health and living standards of people in impoverished areas and reducing negative  environmental impacts caused by open fires and harmful fuel pollution.

African clean energy are a South African based company but their clean energy stove is beginning to spread across the globe. By purchasing their product you are helping the company to grow so it can provide stoves to the people that need them most.


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