1Face Watch: Water


Every 1Face water watch helps providing a lifetime of water for 1 person. By helping Gram Vikas with building water wells and providing safe drinking water directly to the home of residents, they improve living condition for those in need.

This unisex, digital watch has a shatterproof mirrored face with stainless steel buttons to display the time and date. It is water resistant and has a battery life up to 2 years.

Product details:

  • Alloy frame
  • Waterproof up to 5atm
  • Polycarbonate silicone band
  • Tempered mirror surface
  • Stainless steel buttons
  • Stainless steel backplate
  • 3-month warranty
  • Battery life: around 2 years

About the change makers you support:

1Face has a partnership with Gram Vikas, an organization that works together with rural-communities. Gram Vikas tries to address the critical needs of these communities regarding safe drinking water, health, education, sanitation, livelihoods and alternate energy.



1Face believe that one person can change the world through their purchase. They support 9 different causes through selling their collection of watches.

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 With their collection of watches they support nine causes: hunger, clean water, disaster relief, cancer, breast cancer, aids, environment, education and animal rights. Each of these causes is connected to a charity that aims to bring global change.

1Face support causes in the USA, Haiti, Guatemala, Syria, India and the Philippines. 



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