We roast coffee to fight poverty & now we need your help!

We launched our business in January of 2015 with the mission to create unique, wonderful coffee in order to raise money for our private foundation that helps poverty alleviation globally. We're growing and doing well, but in a tough spot at the moment - we've been working with another coffee roaster, using their machine, and don't have the funds to buy our own. Instead of purchasing an over-priced coffee roaster, we want to build our own line of coffee roasters to use ourselves and to help furnish other coffee companies with a more affordable solution than found on the market today.


Doing good:

  • Our coffee will always be fair/direct trade, organic, and naturally processed. We preference coffees processed with less water to conserve resources. We preference coffees that are hand-picked and shade grown. We do not force our farmers to pay money they don't have to get certifications or labels that do not benefit them, their farmers or their families.
  • We package and ship with eco-friendly materials, made from recycled goods and that are recyclable and reusable. (We even provide FREE reusable pods for single-serve machines and help educate on ways to reuse coffee grounds.)
  • We find ways to reduce the environmental footprint we know the coffee industry produces around the world. (Did you know those coffee to-go cups aren't recyclable? Or that coffee pods aren't either?)
  • Our company opened solely to fund our private foundation that works for poverty alleviation. We mentor change-makers around the globe and by helping fund projects we feel are aligned with our mission.
  • We want to help correct the financial inequality in the coffee industry by helping provide more income to coffee farmers and the communities around the coffee farms. (Less than 5% of the revenue from the coffee business goes to the farms and they do most of the work!)



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