Sustaining Vertical Gardens

Teach women to make their own compost and grow fresh vegetables.
Why we care: Because poor nutrition affects everything in a person’s life, from health to education.
How we’re solving this: By training women to make their own compost, so that they are able to ensure the productivity of their gardens for years to come.
We’ve constructed 120 Vertical Gardens in two communities, Aplaya and Magsasaka, Philippines. The gardens are popular, and the women are growing all kinds of vegetables. We’ll teach women how to use compost worms to create their own vermi-compost, since most of them do not have the space needed to create traditional compost.
Our clients can then use the compost to sustain their own vertical gardens or sell it to neighbors. Your support will cover construction, transportation, and training costs. We’ll train our Community Health Advocates first, as the pilot group. Once they have mastered the skills needed, we’ll expand the program to all the women with Vertical Gardens. Our advocates will then be able to support and provide advice to the other women in the communities. They’ll be supported by our Vertical Garden Coordinator who will be in constant contact with all the owners of Vertical Gardens. Help us empower women to sustain their Vertical Gardens.


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