Schoolyard Coffee Stand - Where Opportunity Brews

Schoolyard Coffee is a nonprofit coffee shop dedicated to empowering low-income undergrad students. Help us funding our first step.

Schoolyard Coffee Stand is where opportunity brews. We are a startup nonprofit coffee shop whose purpose is to empower low-income undergraduate students to succeed. As the gap of achievement between low-income undergraduate students and their peers grows, those students need our help. We aim to accomplish our objective by teaching students how to be professional, run a successful business, and most importantly how to inspire hospitality 

A Schoolyard Coffee Stand progressive work study program includes: 

- We train low-income undergraduate students on how to operate a business.

- We give them the proper tools to become entrepreneurs.

- We provide space for tutoring programs.

- We are an incubator for young ideas.

- Our work study program pays $30 dollars per hour. We aim to invest on our fellow students, so they will be able to work less hours and have more time to spare to focus on their studies ---- 

Ultimately, Schoolyard Coffee Stand provides financial aid, entrepreneurial and a community training for future leaders of the world.

Thank you!



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