Why do we focus on creating Ripples for Change?

We believe that each of us can be the pebble in the pond that creates the Ripple for Change. That each action we take matters. Therefore, our mission is to stimulate conscious consumption and funding. We believe that empowering those starting something that matters can result in the change we all seek. One Ripple at a Time.

How do we to this?

We created a marketplace that only features brands doing good. From now on, it’s easy to care. By shopping on the Ripple Marketplace, you consume consciously and support those starting something that matters. You support those doing good and we fund crowdfunding projects that you care about.
We’ve also created a platform that features crowdfunding projects from many different platforms that support causes we care about. We’ve made it easy to discover those starting something that matters.

What do we do?
We spend our time discovering do good brand and crowdfunding projects supporting causes so you don’t have to. We hope this will stimulate more support for do good brands and do good crowdfunding projects.

You can be the pebble in the pond that creates Ripples for Change. Join the Wave and spread the word. After all, we are Better Together!

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