Our Vision


crowdRipple is a small company with a big vision. crowdRipple believes that there should be financial inclusion for everyone. We believe that we all deserve a piece of the pie. In the past this was not possible due to regulations that in effect created two investor classes where only accredited investors could invest in startups or in a community. Unaccredited investors, those with a net worth less than $1 million, for the most part could only invest in Wall Street. In May of 2016 this changed and now everyday Americans are able to invest in Main Street, ranging from a local restaurant to the next tech startup started in a garage next door. 



We believe buying things you need should support the causes that matter to you. Modern philanthropy is no longer just a check in the mail followed by a thank you letter. Today we can affect change by thoughtfully considering the items we bring into our lives and choosing those that focus on doing good for the world.

On the Ripple Marketplace you will only find brands that give back. You then get to decide how crowdRipple will give back by selecting a project you would like to support. We believe that One Ripple at a Time we can help entrepreneurs solve the world’s problems and do well while doing so.

With crowdRipple we’ve made it easy to care. We’ve gathered all products and crowdfunding campaigns that make a difference under one roof. With every product you buy on crowdRipple you actively support the causes you care about. Be it fighting child labor, the environment, or helping animals in need: the list goes on and on. Every day millions and millions of people buy things online. What if every purchase made helped change the world? Think about it. The possibilities are endless.

Each year, crowdRipple's profits will be used to fund change makers. We will reach out to the crowd to decide which change makers should get funded. The crowd decides! And since we value the crowd's decision, we will reward the crowd each time we earn a profit from the investment.


 crowdRipple's vision is to empower us to change what many think we cannot. We will continue to challenge the status quo, we will continue to believe in the possible, and we will always be open to new ways of thinking. Join us today and be the pebble in the pond that creates the Ripples for Change!