Our Campaign

The Problem:

What would you say if someone told you only 3% of the population in the U.S. can invest in startups and the rest of us cannot? What if they also told you that this 3% has had the opportunity to enjoy returns that on average are double what is typical for the stock market? And what if you were then told that this is based on an assumption that those with more than $1 million know how to invest better than everyone else? Yes, a random person that inherits $1 million can invest in a startup but his/her financial advisor, that averages around 75k a year, cannot! If you think this doesn't hold water and even makes you want to vomit then please join us to change the course. 

Our Solution:

Have you ever bought a gift card that expired? If yes, you are one of many that have experienced a norm that businesses should be ashamed of. What if there was a shift in how companies treat those that have pre-purchased from them? What if they started to treat these customers as investors and say thank you by rewarding them financially? This is exactly what CrowdRipple offers this September when we offer the purchase of $100,000 worth of gift cards to CrowdRipple members. Each gift card will be issued just before Christmas and come loaded with an extra 10% as a thank you for waiting a few months. For instance, if you were to buy a $100 gift card you would get a $110 gift card. Note, we wait a few months to issue the gift card since this allows us to buy inventory so we can handle all orders during the Christmas season. 

We then go a step further to reward those who have bought gift cards and say that if you do not use the gift card for 1 year then we will send you a reward equal to what an equity investor would have earned during that same year. This means that if you bought a $100 gift card and don't use it for 1 year and CrowdRipple doubles in value then you keep your $100 gift card and we give you the option to have another $100 gift card or we send you a check in the mail to say thank you for holding onto the gift card. Of course, we'd like to issue you another give card since it can create a ripple effect for change! 

If you think this is just too cool then get on board and take part in changing how companies treat their customers. We say it's about time all of us get the opportunity to take part and get rewarded for our contributions to cool companies. If you are ready to be the pebble in the pond that create the ripple for change then jump on aboard by getting a CrowdRipple gift card today! 


The Gift Card that Gives back

Starting at only $10 you can be the pebble in the pond that creates the Ripples for Change. By purchasing a gift card you will help the Ripple Marketplace grow and highlight the causes you care about.

So how does this gift card support my causes?
When you add this gift card to checkout, you can let us know which causes are your top three and based on this info we'll focus on getting all brands and projects supporting your cause on the Ripple Marketplace.