Kewler Kooler Keeps You Kewl

WC Caddy, LLC's Kewler Kooler. Join one mans effort to end Veteran Homelessness in the USA.

The Kewler Kooler is perfect for those hot afternoons on your boat, in the back yard, in your RV, for weekend jeep builders in their garage, in tents while camping, kids sports practice, etc. Now wherever you take a cooler, you can stay Kewl. 

The Kewler Kooler is an accessory lid with a built in fan for either a 5 or 10 gallon Home Depot/Rubbermaid water cooler, threaded exactly so it screws on in place of the standard lid. Here's the fun part - the Kewler Kooler fan blows 600 cubic feet of air per minute over ice inside the Kewler - forcing Kewled air out adjustable side vents built into the lid. To make it portable, WC Caddy built the Kewler Kooler lid with a 2 hour rechargeable battery pack. When you have access to a 12 volt plug, hit the switch, plug it in, and now you are powered by the cord. Additionally, the Kewler Kooler lid contains 2 USB ports to charge phones or other accessories.

You get an awesome new product, assembled by disabled soldiers, and if we really get this campaign going, you get to watch the first of it's kind Homeless Veteran Only Community be built, with the profits of the Kewler Kooler you just purchased.


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