How to support a crowdfunding project when you shop

We believe that doing good is good business and we believe that you should have a say in how we do good together. 


After you've selected your favorite do good products found on the Ripple Marketplace it's time to think about how you want your purchase to create additional ripples throughout society. We've come up with the Ripple Code where each cause found below can be entered at checkout or you can go further by selecting a project on crowdRipple.

To get a Ripple Code all you have to do is go to crowdRipple and copy the Ripple Code associated with a crowdfunding project you love.

If you don't know what project you'd like to support you can simply enter a Ripple Code associated with a cause below and crowdRipple will fund one of the most popular projects being supported by crowdRipple users for the cause you care about. 

Ripple Codes by cause:

Water 0001
Health 0002
Education 0003
Nutrition 0004
Job Creation 0005
Women 0006
Children 0007
Social Justice 0008
Animals 0009
Environment 0010
Homelessness 0011

Example: If you would like to support water you just have to enter "0001" at checkout and crowdRipple will fund the most popular water project supported by crowdRipple users.