How it Works

How it works2

Find projects on crowdRipple
crowdRipple is a platform where you can find crowdfunding projects from all over the globe. We believe that crowdfunding can change the world and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to find awesome projects that do good. At crowdRipple you only find projects that support a good cause. Just by clicking on the cause you care about you can start exploring projects and support the ones you believe in.

Shop at the Ripple Marketplace
On the Ripple Marketplace you can buy products from brands and labels that do good. We believe that every seller, whether a brand or an artisan, can be the change we seek. On the Ripple Marketplace you will only find brands or artisans that have communicated how they are doing good while doing well. So you don’t have to worry about where your products came from: on the Ripple Marketplace you will only find brands that give back. That’s conscious consumption the way we like to see it! 

Connect the two by using a Ripple Code
crowdRipple and the Ripple Marketplace are connected through a Ripple Code. Every crowdfunding project you can find on crowdRipple, has a Ripple Code attached to it. If you buy products from the Ripple Marketplace, at least 10% of the profit goes directly to a crowdfunding project chosen by you. By making sure the profit goes to the crowdfunding project you like, you insert the Ripple Code of the project at checkout. 

Find out more
But there is more. With every purchase you make, you will earn Ripple Points. Every project you view on crowdRipple will also result in Ripple Points. By earning Ripple Points you will get special offers to use those points in a variety of ways to make an impact.

You can also join our gift card campaign. When you buy a crowdRipple gift card, you are investing in our vision for a better world where companies seek out ways to solve the world’s problems. Besides the fact that you can use your gift card to buy cool products on the Ripple Marketplace, you can also choose to hold onto your gift card. When you buy a gift card and hold onto it for a year, you will be sent a reward based on our growth. Sounds good? Find out more about our gift cards here

Are you ready to join the crowdRipple community? Start exploring by finding projects on crowdRipple or by buying products that do good on the Ripple Marketplace. Be the Pebble in the Pond that creates the Ripple for Change. One Ripple at a Time!