HIPP(Heritage Initiative for Plant Preservation)

A organisation to preserve non-GMO(heritage) plants, and make them available to the public.

Cody Harper is looking to start an organisation that is solely focused on preserving heritage plants and making them easily available to the public. While I in no way wish to stifle what science may one day bring us in terms of GMO's, I feel that in the pursuit of knowledge, we could lose what we already have. 

    The intent of the organisation would be the preservation of heritage plants, most likely the one's that are at highest risk of becoming endangered, heritage plants that are hard to find, etc. And then to make these heritage plants easily available to the public for purchase to help further the preservation and also the proliferation of said heritage plants.  In doing so we will help to further the ability to maintain heritage plants that might otherwise be lost in the pursuit of science.




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