Food for Focus

It's been one year since you helped us fund "Food for Focus" at The Mariposa DR Foundation and we're happy to update you on our progress. Since then, each of the 140 girls in our program has stayed in school and is thriving. We have been able to provide a healthy meal or snack for each of the 140 girls six days a week - that's more than 3,000 a month! For many of these girls that live in extreme poverty, the meal they receive at the Mariposa center may be their only meal of the day, and they depend on this to stay focused in school. We have also made tremendous strides in our gardening and cooking program, where the girls learn how to grow and prepare their own food! It is very empowering for them to see that they can maintain a garden and produce sustenance for themselves. Many of the girls take on the responsibility of cooking in their homes and we are working with them to expand their knowledge. Most importantly, healthy and nutritious meals are helping them stay focused, feel loved and energized to get through the school day.


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