Farm Fired: Support Farmers and Build Community Health

What is Farm Fired?

Farm Fired is a completely new concept that addresses many of the problems of Fast Food. We looked at an industry that is dominated by fried foods, low employee empowerment, and lack of community sourcing; and changed it. Our solution is to create an establishment that sources food locally and prepares it using wood-fired cooking methods. We further address it by offering only healthy foods that are unlike any other Fast Food establishments that are currently open. We accomplish this through a dedicated team of Partners(Employees) and suppliers in our community. 

Our Manifesto:

Health empowers people to succeed, and when people succeed communities thrive. When communities thrive, people grow. They accomplish more and create meaningful connections. From these connections, new ideas flourish and with each new idea, a birth of something bigger starts. When good comes from these ideas and lasts, it's sustainable. We empower people to live better by providing access to food that is pure. Food that comesfrom local people that harvest the land in unison with nature. Working with our partners, we take what is provided and prepare it in ways that whether raw or fired, stay true to the food. What comes from our passion is a company that challenges the status quo, in order to fundamentally provide more to the people we serve and work with.


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