How do I get in contact with crowdRipple?
You can contact us via the contact form on our website or send us an email at info@crowdripple.com.

Where can I find the projects?
You can find all the projects on www.crowdripple.com.

Can I donate to your causes directly?
You cannot donate to our causes directly, but you can support the crowdfunding projects on crowdRipple without shopping on the Ripple Marketplace. 

Where are you located?
crowdRipple is an American company with employees from different countries. Our staff is from the US, the Netherlands, Italy and Uganda. Our products are stored and sent from Holland, Michigan.

Do you have a physical store?
No, we do not have a physical store. This way we can put all our energy in finding new do good brands and do good crowdfunding projects. There might be a physical store in the future though, so stay tuned!

About crowdRipple

How does crowdRipple work?
crowdRipple is an online platform where you can find crowdfunding projects from all over the world and shop from brands that support a cause. All the crowdfunding projects you can find on our website do good as well and try to make the world a better place. crowdRipple consists of two parts: crowdRipple and the Ripple Marketplace. crowdRipple is the place to find all your favorite projects, the Ripple Marketplace is the place to buy awesome products from brands that do good. crowdRipple and the Ripple Marketplace are connected through a Ripple Code. Every crowdfunding project on crowdRipple has a Ripple Code attached to it. By inserting this Ripple Code at checkout on the Ripple Marketplace, at least 10% of the profit will go to that specific crowdfunding project.

Is crowdRipple a non-profit organization?
crowdRipple is a for-profit organization focusing on doing good. This means we are making profit, but at least 10% of our profit goes to a crowdfunding project of your choice. On certain days this amount even goes up to 100%. With the rest of our profit we pay the wages of our employees and other costs we need to make. At the end of the year we will invest the money we have left in social entrepreneurs, so we can keep on making the world a better place.  

What is the difference between crowdRipple and the Ripple Marketplace?
crowdRipple is the place to be online if you want to find crowdfunding projects that do good. These projects are from all over the world and all support a cause. The Ripple Marketplace is an online shop where you can only buy products from brands and labels that give back; they all communicated how they are doing good while doing well. With every purchase on the Ripple Marketplace you support a crowdfunding project on crowdRipple: at least 10% of your purchase will directly support a project. And you can choose which one! So you can just search for projects on crowdRipple or shop on the Ripple Marketplace and support these projects while buying products from your favorite brands. That’s what we call conscious consumption!

What does the name crowdRipple mean?
The name crowdRipple consists of two parts: crowd and ripple. We believe the crowd can be the change we seek in the world: in order to really achieve something, we have to work together. The power of the crowd is also the most important part of crowdfunding, which the name already states. We furthermore believe that one Ripple can have a big effect. Together as a crowd we can create these Ripples for Change!

About the Ripple Marketplace

What is the Ripple Marketplace?
The Ripple Marketplace is an online shop where you can buy products from brands and labels that do good. All our products support one or multiple causes and contribute to a better world. On top of that at least 10% of your purchase will support a crowdfunding project of your choice.

Does the Ripple Marketplace own the brands?
No, we do not own the brands we are selling on the Marketplace.

How were the brands selected that you sell on the Marketplace?
We have carefully selected all brands we sell on the Ripple Marketplace. All our brands are doing good and help make the world a better place. This can be done in a lot of different ways. Some of them stimulate employment in the US or anywhere else in the world, others give a portion of their profits to good causes or have their own funds that help people, animals or the environment. You can find information on every brand on our website, so you can easily find out how they do good and which causes they support.

What is a Ripple Code?
The Ripple Code is the code attached to a crowdfunding project on crowdripple.com. When you insert the Ripple Code of a certain project at checkout, we make sure at least 10% of your purchase goes to that specific project.

Where can I find the Ripple Code?
You can find the Ripple Codes on crowdripple.com. If you click on one of the projects, you will enter a page with more information about the project and its Ripple Code.

What are Ripple Points?
Ripple Points are points you can earn on the Ripple Marketplace with certain activities. You can exchange these points for certain rewards, such as discount codes.  

How do I earn Ripple Points?
You can earn Ripple Points by creating a store account, shopping at the Ripple Marketplace or by referring friends and family to our website. The amount of Ripple Points you can earn for these activities can be found in the Rewards Widget located at the bottom of the shop.

How do I check how many Ripple Points I have earned?
Once you’ve logged in to your store account you will see the amount of Ripple Points you have earned next to the Rewards Widget located at the bottom of the store.

What are Ripple Rewards?
Ripple Rewards are rewards you can get by earning Ripple Points. These awards usually come in the form of discount codes, which you can use at checkout.

How do I use my rewards?
Rewards are issued as discount codes that can be applied at the payment stage during checkout. You can use one discount code per order.

How do I redeem rewards from the Ripple Points?
Log in to your store account and go to the Redeem Rewards Page, which can be accessed through the Rewards Widget located at the bottom of the store.

Can I transfer my Ripple Points to someone else?
No, you cannot transfer your Ripple Points to someone else, they are attached to your account.

Do you offer discounts or sale?
No, we do not offer discounts or sale. We do this for a very specific reason: to make sure that at least 10% of your purchase will always go towards projects who can use your contribution to do good.

How can I sell my own products on your website?
If you are a brand that’s doing good by clearly supporting a cause it would be great if you could join us as a seller! If you want your brand to become part of the Ripple Marketplace you can follow the link on this page or send us an email at makingwaves@crowdripple.com.  

What is a RippleBox?
The RippleBox is a package that contains over $100 worth of do good products from brands that give back. It’s a wonderful gift for yourself or a loved one!  We sell four different RippleBoxes a year, in Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.

How does the Ripple Marketplace make money?
We buy products at wholesale prices from do good brands and sell them at retail price. We then give 10% to a crowdfunding project of your choice and pay our staff and other expenses necessary to keep crowdRipple up and running. The remaining profit will be invested in social entrepreneurs and other change makers. 

Ordering at the Ripple Marketplace

How much does shipping and handling cost?
We have three different rates for our shipping and handling costs. A standard shipping (0.0 lb – 5.0 lb) costs $8.00, a heavy goods shipping (5.0 lb – 20.0 lb) costs $18.00. For orders over $100.00 you don’t pay any shipping costs.

What forms of payment does Crowdripple accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal and crowdRipple Gift Cards.

What is the warranty process on items purchased through the Ripple Marketplace?
Warranties depend on the product you buy and the brand they come from. Some brands will provide warranties and others will not.

Can I order if I am outside the United States?
Unfortunately you cannot order products when you’re outside the United States, but you can order our gift cards anywhere in the world! With the help of our gift card campaign we are planning to expand to other countries so we can start selling our products outside the US as well.

Are all prices including taxes?
Yes, all prices are inclusive of tax.

After ordering at the Ripple Marketplace

How do I know if my order was placed successfully?
Once your order is placed successfully you will land on the confirmation page and receive a confirmation mail.

Where’s my package?
You should have received a tracking number once your order was successfully placed,

When will my RippleBox be delivered?
The RippleBox is shipped quarterly (Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall). The Water for Life Edition will ship just before World Water Day (March 22, 2016).

What if my product is damaged, opened or exposed?
If your product is damaged, opened or exposed we will send you a new product or you can return it for a full refund.

What if the crowdfunding campaign I wanted to support through the Ripple Code does not succeed? Where does my 10 percent go?
The outcome of your 10% contribution should the project not succeed depends upon the terms and conditions of the host site.

About our gift card

How do I use my gift card?
Your gift card contains a unique code. At the checkout you need to enter your unique code and the amount will be deducted from your card.

Can I check the remaining balance on my gift card?
The balance is displayed beside the gift card when applied to a cart during checkout. Customers can also check their balance by visiting the unique gift card link sent via email.

Where can I find my gift card?
Once you have ordered a gift card you will be send an email with your unique code. You can refer to this email when making your purchase.

Do your gift cards expire?
No, our gift cards do never expire.

What if I lose my crowdRipple gift card?
You will have received an email with your gift card so you can refer to this for your unique check out code. We will also have you in our database so we can retrieve your unique code for you if you have lost it. 

I would like to return the gift card for a refund. Is this possible?
No, you cannot exchange your gift card for cash.

Are your gift cards personal or can they also be used by someone else than me?
Your gift card contains a unique code that can be used by anyone. So it’s possible to give your gift card to a friend or loved one!