Daweyu Hills – Crop to Cup

Support the villagers of Doi Mod to build a coffee roasting facility to produce organic Arabica from crop to cup.

Our goal is to purchase a coffee de-parchment machine and coffee roaster, and to build an earthen building in which to house these machines. The funds from this campaign will enable the Lahu Sheleh people of Doi Mod and other nearby villages to produce their own coffee from crop to cup.

Daweyu Hills was originally founded in response to the villagers' interest in planting coffee. Daweyu Hills sponsored dozens of Lahu Sheleh farmers to plant over 15,000 coffee seedlings. They then raised funds to buy a machine to process the raw fruit, allowing farmers to add over 30% to the value of their crop. Three more steps are required to produce roasted coffee beans – removing the outer parchment layer, hand sorting, and roasting. With a coffee de-parchment machine and a coffee roaster, not only can local farmers oversee their coffee production but also reap the added value of selling roasted beans.



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