Choba Choba : Chocolate Revolution


Choba Choba’s mission is to provide chocolate lovers with a combined experience of exclusivity and meaningfulness. Peruvian cocoa farmers are co-owners of the socially minded startup. Choba Choba sources its cocoa beans exclusively from participating farming families in Peru. The raw product is shipped to Switzerland and transformed by famed chocolate producer Felchlin.

At Choba Choba farmers are not merely raw material suppliers, but they actually run and own the entire chocolate brand together with Eric and Christoph. The price for cocoa that Choba Choba pays to the farming families is not defined by the international commodity market, but by the farmers themselves (bottom-up pricing). 

 Furthermore, the families receive 4% of the company’s turnover in direct payouts and in the form of shares. This way, by 2020, they will go on to own at least 33% of the company. We believe that it is only by completely turning the power relations upside down, putting the farmers into a leading position, can we generate a real impact for the cocoa farmers and their ecosystems. 


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