Amazing Hair in Half the Time, and Using Half the Water

Eco-Luxury Hair Treatment: Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Mask, Scalp Treatment, Polishing Serum, Leave-in Conditioner, and Shine Serum.

Zhuut is a unique oil-based hair cleansing system that will make something novel the new standard. It completely changes how we engage with taking care of our hair. Zhuut is a 7-in-1 product – shampoo, conditioner, conditioning mask, scalp treatment, polishing serum, leave-in-conditioner, and shine serum.

Our Co-Founder and Chief Cosmetic Chemist handpicked natural oils from Africa to work synergistically with this superior cleansing system. Sourced from a supply chain that is reliable, fair, and transparent, these oils are cold pressed – no distillation/heat used – using Green Technology, so that the oils’ activity is not compromised.

Zhuut is simple to use, simplifies the daily hair care routine, and initiates a lifestyle change that could help each person save at least 730 gallons of water per year.


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