About Us

crowdRipple was founded by an American, Israel Unger, while working on microfinance reports with a Dutch bank in the Netherlands. While writing the report and interviewing funders, both investors and donors, he discovered that there is something missing that everyone wants...the ability to give loans above $500 to micro-entrepreneurs in Africa. The investors need to lend larger amounts for it to be financially feasible and the donors are required to be as efficient as possible and to do so they need more people on the ground in Africa at a time when funds are drying up for development aid. 

Israel realised that this is unlikely to change any time soon for the investors and donors but that doesn't mean entrepreneurs can't solve this! By embracing conscious consumption & crowdfunding, Israel believes that we can fill this gap that prevents people throughout the world from making the world a better place. 

On the Ripple Marketplace, you will find both brands and artisans that are being the change we all seek. Every purchase helps the business or artisan continue to do well while doing good. Every purchase also supports a crowdfunding project. To make it even better, crowdRipple will invest all profit each year in entrepreneurs that crowdRipple members choose!

crowdRipple's vision is to empower us to change what many think we cannot. We will continue to challenge the status quo; we will continue to believe in the possible; and we will always be open to new ways of thinking.