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About the brand


WakaWaka are on a mission to abolish energy poverty throughout the world in a sustainable way. Right now, 1.3 billion people around the globe have no access to electricity. The effects of this are enormous and severely reduces quality of life. With their high-tech, low-cost solar powered lamps and chargers WakaWaka want to be an innovative brand that support those without electricity all over the world. They believe that the combination of business and aid is the best way to generate positive impact. One Ripple at a Time! 


WakaWaka does not just bring electricity to those who need it, they also bring an end to the deadly kerosene-dependence of millions of families. This improves people’s overall health and is better for the environment. Replacing kerosene lamps with solar powered products has a lot of positive results: it saves money, children get better grades at school, and it increases income-generating capacity for families as a whole. It empowers people, powers connectivity and thereby saves lives. Proceeds from WakaWaka’s sold in the Western World are used to make them available to off-grid communities around the globe at an affordable price. 

Your contribution

When you buy a WakaWaka solar light or charger, one WakaWaka is donated to the leading humanitarian aid organization The International Rescue Committee. They make sure the WakaWaka’s are provided to families that need them most. In the retail package of your WakaWaka you will find a unique Give Code, which allows you to select where in the world you would like your Give One contribution to go to. In the end, you help WakaWaka make families self-sufficient, sustainable and safe. 

Causes they support


Places they support
Africa, Latin America, Middle East, Asia, Pacific