Vaalbara Designs

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About the brand

Vaalbara creates handmade bags with love in Venice, California. Each bag is made with the idea of connecting people, environment and culture, using Vaalbara, the Earths first Supercontinent, as a symbol of their ethos. Their fabrics are collected from far and wide and the linings are made using recycled plastic bottles.

Vaalbara are passionate about the interrelatedness of our world, while dedicated to local sustainability. They create new use for plastics that would otherwise become waste as well as supporting the local community Vaalbara is based in by sourcing many of their materials from within the community. Their impact is widely spread both locally and globally.

Your contribution
A percentage of every sale of a Vaalbara bag goes to the Non-profit SurfRider Foundation, dedicated to keeping the Beaches and Ocean’s clean. 

Causes they support
- Environment
- Water

Places they support
- USA (specifically Venice, California)