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About the brand

UNREAL was founded by 18 year old Nicky Bronner and his brother Kris. Their vision was to make a food company that turns our delicious unhealthy foods, like candy and chocolate, into delicious healthy foods. All their food is made in the USA and they source their products from sustainable farms. All their palm oil, cocoa, cacao butter and cane sugar are Fair Trade. 

UNREAL are making it possible for consumers to make better choices about what they consume and where it comes from. Their products are free of GMOs, gluten, soy, corn, excess sugar and artificial flavors, dyes and preservatives and are therefore better for you and the environment. By choosing Fair Trade they are also making sure that people get better wages for the work they do.

Your contribution

When you by UNREAL products you are making a better choice for yourself, the environment and for the people involved in sourcing the ingredients for the products. Candy is especially hard to make from healthy and natural sources and UNREAL have gone the extra mile to make their products better for you.

Causes they support
Environment, Social Justice.

Places they support