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About the brand


The people behind Tim Watch are on a mission of alleviating world poverty at its roots rather than just providing a temporary fix. They believe in a world where all people can create opportunity for themselves and others, so we can journey together in the fight against world poverty. With their watches they don’t just want to reflect time, but stories of positive life change all around the globe.


TIM watch wants to empower people all over the world. Their goal is to strengthen communities and to build humanity, making it possible for everyone to give. Their watches give in multiple ways: each and every watch provides clothing, food and education for a family in need.

Your contribution

When you buy a TIM watch, you help to empower people, strengthen communities and build humanity. For every watch you buy, TIM watch provide food, clothing and education for a family in a third world country in need. 

Causes they support

Social Justice, Education, Nutrition

Places they support
Africa, Asia, Latin America