The Shine Project

About the brand 

The Shine Project was founded by Ashley LeMieux in Phoenix, USA. She was frustrated that many young people had a passion to learn and wanted to go to college but couldn't because they were unable to fund their studies. Ashley started a non-profit to support these young students get into college, however she needed to make it sustainable so that they could fund themselves for the duration their studies. After teaching herself to make bracelets, she began to employ these student to continue making them. This way they had employment and an income to continue their education.  

The Shine Project currently employs 11 inner city students and the non-profit organisation has offered 40 scholarships to students wanting to go to college but were otherwise unable to.   

Your contribution
By purchasing one of their bracelets you are enabling the continuation of The Shine Project and offering support and an income for inner city students who are working hard to ensure the continuation of their education. 

Causes they support
The Shine Projects supports the causes of job creation, education, social Justice and youth development.

Places they support 
The Shine Project is focused on helping inner city students in Phoenix, Arizona.  

The Shine Project

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