The Giving Keys

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About the brand

The Giving Keys has a very unique story of a hotel room key turned into a key of hope for many people who had none. Each key is repurposed and hand carved and therefore unique and each one can be ordered with a custom made quote or phrase. You can then give the key to someone else who may need it more than you, so you can ensure the continuation of hope for others. 

The Giving Keys employ people who have either been homeless or in huge economic hardship and in need of income and support. These individuals make and sell the keys and as a result, are able to ensure an income and a home. In addition, The Giving Keys have partnered with a number of charities that support the causes of homelessness, employment, education and women. 

Your contribution
By purchasing a giving key and paying it forward to someone in need, you are spreading a story of hope, ensuring employment and an income for someone in need and supporting a number of causes that help people who have lost their way.

Causes they support
Homelessness, Job Creation and Social Justice 

Places they support