The Base Project

About the brand

The Base Project is a fashion brand that is socially motivated and committed to building a bridge between the developing world and the US fashion market. The Base Project creates jobs and generates income for local communities largely in Northern Namibia while also creating community development projects. The inspiration for the range of Bracelet designs comes from the wildlife, landscape and rich tribal history of the region. The Base Project’s vision is to produce fine artisan designed, locally sourced, eco-friendly fashion at fair trade prices while supporting the community within which they are made.

The Base Project employs people in Namibia to create beautiful artisan designed bracelets. The bracelets are fair trade and provide an income that otherwise might not exist. The artisans are provided additional income for school fees, health care and food. The Base Project impacts the community on an enormous spectrum. They also run a scholarship program and have developed a sustainable community farm.

Your contribution
Each purchase of a bracelet supports the community and the establishment of relationships between Africa and the US marketplace. Proceeds go towards paying the fair trade wages to individual artisans in Africa, supports a scholarship program run in collaboration with the Ministry of Education as well as the development of a Sustainable Community Farm usable by the local community.

Causes they support
- Education
- Job Creation

Places they support
- Africa (Namibia)

The Base Project

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