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About the brand

Sweetriot was founded by Sarah Endline who grew up in a small farming community in the USA. She wanted to start a business that makes better chocolate, sourced from sustainable and organic means that is both better for the consumer, the environment and those who farm and make the products. They define a sweetriot as: a joyful celebration of culture, diversity, and understanding. 

By partnering with farms in Latin America that provide a fair wage for their farmers, Sweetriot is ensuring a better life for those that make the cocoa in their chocolates. They are also using all natural ingredients which ensures that there is minimal damage to the environment and everyone involved in making their products.  

Your contribution

By purchasing from Sweetriot you are making an ethical choice as a consumer. You will be helping an entire food chain and the environment surrounding it so that everyone can positively benefit from your choice to buy healthier chocolate. 

Causes they support
Environment, Social Justice.

Places they support
Latin America.