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Skyline Socks not only want to make beautiful and warm socks, they want to do good as well. That’s why they donate one pair of socks for every pair they sell. Socks are one of the most important articles of clothing that people need, a fact that is often forgotten. Skyline Socks believes that we can make a difference together and put smiles on children’s faces in need by giving them a pair of awesome socks. 


1 in 50 children in the US are homeless. Many more live below the poverty line and are in need of assistance with basic needs. Skyline Socks wants to help these children by providing them socks, one of the most vital and overlooked articles of clothing. For every pair of socks sold, they donate one to someone in need. Skyline Socks have partnerships with various organizations to make sure the socks get into the right hands and onto the right feet.   

Your contribution

When you buy a pair of Skyline Socks, they donate one pair to a non-profit program in your city. This way you give back to your community, represent your hometown and keep your feet warm and happy.

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Skyline Socks

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