Project 7

About the brand

At Project 7 they have two important visions: to bring great flavor back into your day with their specialty gum and mint brand, and to give back to seven areas of need for good around the globe. They think that little purchases, when all added up, can make life changing impacts. People are buying things anyway, so why not let them solve everyday problems around the globe while they purchase? That’s what they try to do at Project 7. “Great Tasting and World Changing!”

Project 7 supports seven different causes by working together with several non-profit organizations. In this way, they can create impact for all their causes. For example, if you purchase a Save the Earth product, trees will be planted back into the earth. Every Feed the Hungry purchase helps provide meals in U.S. communities and every Heal the Sick purchase helps deliver life-saving malaria treatments to someone in need. 

Your contribution
When you buy a product from Project 7, you join them in spreading good. Each product gives back to one of their seven causes and helps solving everyday problems around the globe.

Causes they support
Project 7 supports the causes Health, Social Justice, Homelessness, Education, Water, Nutrition, and the Environment.

Places they support
Project 7 supports causes in Africa, USA, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. 

Project 7

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