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About the brand 


At PremaTouch they want to make great soap that is free of parabens and harmful chemicals, and at the same create positive impact. All their soap is handmade by women who have been set free from sex trafficking. 


PremaTouch wants to change the lives of women stuck in sex trafficking and slavery. After setting them free PremaTouch provides a job for them, while at the same time making it possible for them to live in a safe and loving environment. Freedom for these women is not just about rescuing them from sex trade: they became outcasts in a society that still evolves around a caste system. With PremaTouch they are given an alternative means to earn a living and find a place again in society. 

Your contribution

When you buy a product from PremaTouch, you help them set trafficked women free from slavery and providing them with employment. Together with PremaTouch you can help create sustainable incomes for these women. When you purchase or share the PremaTouch story, they are able to liberate more and more women every day.

Causes they support

Women, Social Justice

Places they support
Nepal, India