About the brand

PACT are a clothing company that believe in making responsible and clean apparel. They have made sure that every step in the production of their clothes causes minimal damage and maximum good to the people and the environment they encounter. They are a B Corporation, Fair-Trade certified and partner with family based sustainable farms.

PACT are about wearing your impact. Their slogan 'change starts with your underwear' makes it clear that PACT are a company all about positive change. By partnering with family farms that make organic cotton, they are ensuring that their supply chain is sustainable, clean and fair-trade. They manufacture their clothes in eco-friendly factories and package their clothes in environmentally friendly packaging. 

Your contribution
By purchasing from PACT you are shopping with a conscience. PACT are transparent about their process and you can feel good about the clothes you wear. 

Causes they support
Environment, Social Justice. 

Places they support
Asia, USA. 


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