MUD Jeans

About the brand

Mud Jeans is a Dutch denim brand that dreams of a world in which we all clean our own mess. This is why they create their own circle of denim products. They collect old, used jeans and transform them into vintages ones. Or, when it is not possible to repair them, they recycle the materials and make new jeans.

This company begins with Bert van Son. He saw the effects of today’s fast fashion industry on factory workers in China and he wanted to do things differently. He started MUD Jeans and together with his team he turned this into a sustainable clothing brand. MUD Jeans is the only brand that works completely according the principles of the circular economy. This means that waste serves as a source for something new.

MUD Jeans makes old fabrics useful again. They send back old jeans to their factories where the jeans are mixed with new organic cotton. During this process of recycling less water is used than during the usual manufacturing process. Moreover, they are using a filtration technique that saves up to 85% of the water used in production and produces no wastewater. Finally, MUD Jeans only works together with selected manufacturers based on the quality of their products and on their working environment.

Your contribution
Buy a Mud Jeans. If you’re not wearing your jeans anymore, send it back to MUD Jeans. They will reuse the materials and transform it into a vintage denim.

Causes they support
Environment, Social Justice, Water

Places they support

MUD Jeans

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