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About the brand 


At Mitscoots they sell great American Socks with an important mission. Their business idea is all about “get, give, employ”. “Get”, because by purchasing at Mitscoots you will get yourself 100% American gear. All their products are made in the USA and packaged in Austin, Texas. “Give”, because for every item purchased, they give another pair of socks to a person in need. And, last but not least, “employ” because they employ people transitioning out of homelessness to package everything up. This way they can truly make a difference and make the world a bit of a better place. 


Mitscoots try to create positive impact in multiple ways. First of all, their products are all made in the USA. Besides that they give a pair of socks to a person in need for every pair they sell. And lastly they provide jobs for homeless people.

Your contribution

When you buy a pair of Mitscoots socks, they give away another pair to someone in need. You furthermore support the American market, where all socks are made, and you support Mitscoots in employing people transitioning out of homelessness. 

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