About the brand

MiiR began as a do good company that believed in giving back to the cause of water. Water is vital for survival and therefore lack of access to water affects every other aspect of a persons life. They therefore partnered with a number of water charities around the world to ensure more people have access to clean water. During a later trip to Liberia, the MiiR founder discovered the vital need for better transport means to access healthcare facilities and clean water. MiiR then began the journey of partnering with organisations that supply bikes to people in need of better transport means.

MiiR give back through their partner projects focused on water, education and transport. With each product purchased, they give an amount to a specific cause. So far they have completed 44 water projects and donated over 3000 bicycles to people in need. 

Your contribution
Whether you buy a MiiR bottle or a MiiR bicycle, you will either be giving back to the cause of water, or providing transport means for those in need. MiiR have done something unique by creating a code system so you can track how your purchase has helped someone else in the world. 

Causes they support
Water, Education, Health. 

Places they support
Africa, USA, Latin America and Asia.