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About the brand


Lunapads envision a world free of disposable menstrual products and one in which all women have access to menstrual protection so they are able to live a fulfilling life. Lack of access to menstrual care means many women are unable to go to school or work during their period and use of disposable menstrual care is extremely damaging for the environment. Lunapads have made many variety of shapes, sizes and designs of menstrual protection to suit everyone women's needs. 


Through their buy one give one program, Lunapads have helped many girls in East Africa go to school during their period. They also provide pads and other menstrual protection to low-income Canadians in need of free menstrual care. 

Your contribution 

By purchasing products from Lunapads you are protecting the environment for excess waste products and providing women in need of menstrual care access to products that will enable them to live a more productive life. 

Causes they support

Environment, Health and Women 

Places they support
Canada and Africa.