Lonesome George

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About the brand


Lonesome George was the last surviving Tortoise in the Galápagos, now extinct as a direct result of human actions. The founder of Lonesome George wanted to honor its legacy and decided to start his own brand, with the main purpose of inspiring and empowering youth to positively impact our communities and the world around us. Let’s get together to shape our future before it’s too late! 


At Lonesome George they want to teach the world about sustainability and the importance of the community. Together we can make the world a better place! All clothes from Lonesome George are made from certified, organic Peruvian cotton, creating manufacturing jobs in Peru. With Lonesome George, single moms in Peru get the chance to have a job with a sustainable income so they can provide for their families. Part of Lonesome George’s sales go to the Academy of Agents of Change, thereby funding youth education so our future can make the world a better place. 

Your contribution

10% of your purchase will help fund youth education at the Academy of Agents of Change, a unique blend of two experiential education programs. This way, our youth can come up with ideas to improve the world, while they get the support to make their ideas a reality. By buying a Lonesome George shirt, you become part of the solution and you help our youth make their dreams come true. 

Causes they support

Job Creation, Environment

Places they support
Peru, USA