Little Dresses for Africa

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About the brand

Little Dresses for Africa is a charity that makes, delivers and donates small dresses, made by volunteers, to communities in Africa that are in need of support and hope. The organisation also print T-shirts that you can buy to show your support. They use the proceeds from these sales to pay for the shipping costs of the dresses to Africa. 

The charity have had a huge impact on the communities they reach. These communities have often lost loved ones to AIDs and Malaria and the girls are left to support their siblings with little adult guidance. Little Dresses for Africa provide dresses to give dignity and joy to the lives of these young girls and in addition, give classes and support to help them improve their health and skills so they can live a longer and more fulfilling life. 

Your contribution
Buy purchasing one of their printed T-shirts you are showing your support for the organisation and its cause but also helping them to reach communities in Africa so they can continue their great work. 

Causes they support
Children, Health and Social Justice. 

Places they support