Kira Ikawa (Dark Roast)

Roast Profile: Dark
Rwandan Single Origin
Cupping Notes: Full bodied. Lightly smoky with notes of roasted walnuts and dark chocolate.

About the Brand

In 2005, Jonathan Golden realised the opportunity to make a difference to the lives of Rwandan people in the aftermath of the 1994 genocide. He consequently founded Land of a Thousand Hills which continues to provide fair wages for local coffee farmers. 

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How they help

Land of a Thousand hills contributes to justice, reconciliation and hope to coffee growing communities through collaborative trade. By building on local talent and passion, they equip local farmers to be better coffee growers and provide them with a living wage.  This coffee is 100% Arabica, freshly roasted and provides dignity and hope for the people that grow it.  

Where they help

Although Land of a Thousand Hills began helping the people of Rwanda, they have continued to grow, spreading their hope to coffee growing communities across the world. 

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