Land of a Thousand Hills

About the brand

Land of a Thousand Hills is striving towards the reconciliation, development and security of the lives of Rwandan people in the wake of the 1994 genocide. This historical event left thousands of Rwandans in devastation, attempting to rebuild their communities and make a living to support their efforts. Land of a Thousand Hills is a coffee company supports this effort by employing local coffee growers and providing them with access to the supply chain. 

By securing the employment of local people and ensuring that their coffee making skills are put to good use, these communities have a chance at a better life. This income supports the building of homes, educating the youth and securing access to food and clean water so that local people can begin to thrive in a new Rwanda.

Your contribution
When you purchase coffee or tea from Land of a Thousand Hills, you are supporting the people who make so they are able to secure a better life for themselves and their families. By purchasing their merchandise you are supporting the company so it can continue to grow and reach communities in all regions of the world.

Causes they support
Land of a Thousand Hills support the cause of Job Creation and Social Justice.

Places they support
Although they began in Rwanda, Land of a Thousand Hills has expanded to support other coffee growing and manufacturing communities in countries across the globe, such as Haiti and Ethiopia.

Land of a Thousand Hills