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About the brand 


Krochet Kids are on a mission to empower women with the resources to rise above poverty forever. They only make conscious decisions so they can maintain their clear focus and make sure they create positive impact. They want to give people the education, skills and resources needed to change their circumstances and improve their living conditions so they can become truly independent. 


Krochet Kids have one important goal: to empower women who live in poverty stricken regions of the world. These empowered women transform their families, communities, and the developing world. In the end, everyone will benefit from it. Krochet Kids provide these women with a personal income that grows to be 10 times larger than the income they had before. They furthermore see the saving levels of these women increase, so they finally have a safety net. In the end this means healthier families, a decrease in physical abuse and an increase in gender equality. Children are 8 times more likely to go to school if their mother participates in a Krochet Kids program. 

Your contribution

Through your purchase at Krochet Kids, they are able to lift women and their families in Uganda and Peru out of poverty. Krochet Kids provides women with a job and an education and provide mentorship to help each woman plan a sustainable career path for the future. When you get a product from Krochet Kids, it will actually be hand-signed by the women who made it. So you can see directly who you’ve empowered with your purchase. One Ripple at a Time!

Causes they support

Women, Job Creation

Places they support
Uganda, Peru