About the brand

Jonas is a brand that wants to give back by providing greater access to clean water. Corporate responsibility is at the core of their business and they make all their decisions based on how they can have a positive impact on communities and areas in need. Their stylish umbrellas are all about giving back and directly support clean-water projects in Uganda.

The foundation of Jonas provides greater access to clean water for people who need it the most. Their 1st clean water umbrella gives impoverished women and children a future by funding water wells at schools in Uganda. Every year, unsafe water kills more people than all forms of violence together, including war. Jonas wants to change that. When there is safe water available near schools, it means that women and children have the time to go to school and that their health will improve. Jonas promises that 75% of their profits go to funding water wells at schools in Uganda, saving the lives of over 1,000 children.

Your contribution
When you buy a Jonas umbrella, you directly support a specific clean-water project and help them saving the lives of over 

Causes they support
Jonas Umbrellas support the causes Water, Women, Children.

Places they support
Jonas Umbrellas support children and women in Uganda.