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In Malay, Janji means “promise”. The Founders of Janji, two runners, have always been aware of the importance of water and wished that everyone could have the same access to safe drinking water. They felt like runners are driven to be a part of something larger than themselves and that they realize the importance of water and hydration. With Janji they connect runners to help support clean water initiatives throughout the world. With the purchases of their high performance apparel they help fund solutions and raise awareness for the global water crisis, thereby fulfilling their promise. 


Janji have a partnership with MSABI Tanzania, an organization that helps make drinking water safer and more accessible for people in rural Tanzania. They fund deep-water well projects that are sustainable and durable, so they can give the people of Tanzania the clean water they need. So far, MSABI Tanzania has provided safe water for over 85,000 people. 

Your contribution

Janji partnered up with MSABI Tanzania, to provide access to clean drinking water in rural Tanzania. Through this partnership, each piece of Tanzania apparel you buy provides six months, one year or three years of drinking water to a person in Tanzania.

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