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About the brand

Harry's produce excellent shaving products for men and also have a give back model that they believe to be important, preparing young people for the work force. Many young people, particularly from underprivileged backgrounds, struggle to get from study life to work life due to lack of specific skills. Harry's support this process by giving back to organisations such as City Year, that help the youth to bridge the gap. 

Harry's give back 1% of their annual profits to the cause of preparing youth for the workforce. They also give 1% of their employees time by sending them to volunteer with organization that prepare the youth for work. Many young Americans come out of school and are unable to find a job. This leads to high unemployment. Harry's are making an impact by preparing these young people for the world of work so they are more likely to find a job. 

Your contribution
You could buy your shave products from anyone, but you could also by them on the Ripple Marketplace from Harry's and this way you can support their mission and help young people to develop their knowledge and skills. 

Causes they support
Education, Job Creation.

Places they support