Glee Gum

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About the brand

Glee Gum is a gum company that wants to do good. They want people to think about where products came from, how raw materials and natural resources can be used responsibly, and how communities worldwide depend upon each other to help build a healthier future. That’s why they use recycled packages and Fair Trade ingredients. They’ve also partnered up with several nonprofit organizations caring about the environment. 


Glee Gum has partnerships with several organizations caring about the environment. These organizations include Green America, Trees for the Future, the Cloud Forest School and the Forest Foundation. Glee Gum helps these organization planting trees, funding a bilingual school located in the tropical cloud forest of Costa Rica, and promote sustainable livelihoods through environmental education. They furthermore help by producing only recycled packages and by using natural chicle as a gum base. This ingredient helps sustain the rainforest! 

Your contribution

When you purchase a product at Glee Gum, they support several organizations caring about the environment. Glee Gum is also the only gum in North America made with chicle, a tree sap that is sustainable harvested to aid rainforest conservation in Mexico. Because of their partnership with Trees For The Future, your purchase helps them to plant trees in Central America.

Causes they support

Glee Gum support the causes Environment and Social Justice.

Places they support

Glee Gum support causes in Central America (Costa Rica and Mexico) and the USA.