Foxy Originals

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About the brand

Foxy Originals are a very successful jewelry company that make a large variety of products. They also believe in ethical business, doing good and community involvement and have therefore incorporated these values in their production line and give back practises. They have a recycle program so that you can return you unwanted jewelry and it can be used again to make another product. They have also partnered with a number of community organisations that support causes such as health, the environment, women's empowerment and children. 

Foxy Originals has predominantly made an impact by raising awareness and funds for the different causes that they support. They have achieved this by making jewelry that support specific do good organizations and selling them to raise money. In addition, they believe in keeping it local and therefore make their jewelry in clean and environmentally friendly conditions in Canada and support Canadian community efforts. 

Your contribution
By purchasing from Foxy Originals you are purchasing a very Candian product. You can shop for specific do good items that support a specific cause as well as recycling the jewelry you buy so it can be used again to make other pieces. 

Causes they support
Environment, Social Justice.

Places they support