Fortress of Inca

About the brand

Fortress of Inca believes in equality. Shoemakers are just as important as the people who buy them. At Fortress of Inca they believe workers should be treated fairly. That's why they promise us that every step in the process of creating shoes has been ethically considered, so we won't have to worry about where our products came from. At Fortress of Inca they believe in process over price, a strategy that differs from a lot of other companies. 

Fortress of Inca only works together with factories in which working people are being treated fairly. Because they care more about the process than the price, they make sure their products are made in a way that's best for everyone. 

Your contribution
By buying one pair of these beautiful shoes, you put up for fair working conditions. 

Causes they support
Fortress of Inca support the causes Social Justice and Job creation.

Places they support
Fortress of Inca supports workers in Peru. 


Fortress of Inca

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