Feel More Better

About the brand

Feel More Better is a brand fighting for female happiness. They believe it is hard in this world to maintain the happiness we embody as a child because there are so many struggles and idealisms around us that impact the way girls see themselves and the world around them. Feel More Better are producing T-shirts with meaningful slogans to help girls to stand up for themselves and shine through the difficulties they face. 

Feel More Better are simply trying to bring a little more joy to the lives of girls by donating storybooks to those who are underprivileged. Storybooks are a great way to help girls to expand their imaginations and bring happiness to their lives. 

Your contribution
With every purchase of a Feel More Better T-shirt, a storybook is donated to the First Book organisation and given to a girl so she can appreciate the little things in life. 

Causes they support
Children, Women and Education. 

Places they support
All regions of the world.

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